A leader’s calling

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What do you do as a leader when you have those inevitable blips and wonder what on earth you are doing and/or whether you are in the right place?!

I would argue that as leaders a sense of calling is crucial.  It gives you focus and something to aim for.  It also brings reassurance that you are in the right place at the right time.  When initiating something significant, it helps hugely to know that it was God who called you to a specific task.  I have heard it said that the stronger and clearer the calling, the harder the task at hand.  I imagine that’s because when those trials and questions come, you can go back to that calling and hold onto the promises God gave you.

Think of Moses, who at the burning bush was given the very daunting task of leading the Exodus.  He was not at all sure, so asked God for signs.  In spite of God answering in numerous ways, he still ended up trying to wriggle out of the call.  In the end God got really angry with him and just told him to get on and do it!  Years later, with the moaning Israelites, Moses would continually point them back to God and the call on them as a nation.  No doubt in those times of trial he would go back to that initial, very clear call on him too!

Surely it’s good throughout our ministry to keep going back to that initial call.  Additional words which are added in as we make that journey help to focus, bring greater clarity, and possibly new direction, to our mission.  We also keep our spiritual eyes open to see what the Lord is doing through us at any particular time.  Where have we been, and where are we currently, producing fruit?  Where do other doors seem to be opening for us today?

When there is confusion, you have doubts or things seem to be disintegrating around you, go back to basics.  What is the Lord’s calling on you?  These could be general themes like certain bible verses.  There will also be certain specific words from God, or maybe which other Christians have spoken over you.  What do you sense the Lord is saying to you at this time?  Talk these ideas over with another mature Christian and make sure people are praying for you!

Remember 1 Thessalonians 5.24:  

“He who calls you is faithful and He will do it!”


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