What to do when life sucks.

My husband and I have known amazing highs in leadership.  Whether it be seeing our church body grow and flourish, or whether it is travelling to beautiful countries to speak at conferences or church weekends.  We’ve met amazing people and toured beautiful places.  All in the name of ministry!

We have also known extreme lows. Having to deal with the huge moral failure amongst other leaders when we were on staff at a large church is one such example. My husband was propelled into the senior position and by the grace of God the church didn’t collapse around us.  When the whole situation exploded, our summer vacation was cancelled and church members, in their hurt, were blaming us for something which was completely out of our hands.

Unfortunately, we have known pain at other times too.  Sometimes it’s been loneliness or isolation, sometimes powerlessness or being habitually ignored.

In each of these situations we’ve know that this is where God would have us be!  Many times we have asked “Why?” and wondered what on earth God could be doing.

Of course, God knows exactly what’s going on even if the situation and reasons for why God is allowing something to happen differ every time.  However, one of the things that God will be wanting is for us to trust Him and to be TOTALLY dependent on Him.

So, when you’re crying yourself to sleep again and asking “Why?” for the hundredth time, we need to make sure that one of the first things we do is to pour out our hearts to Him.  The psalms can be a really helpful guide.  They express lots of raw emotion but come back to God’s infinite love for us.

Worship songs can be healing and releasing.  They show that it’s not just about us but about God and His big plan.  Learning to praise regardless of our circumstances is powerful spiritual warfare, as is praying in tongues.

Prayer and fellowship with other Christians around us, plus just having lots of fun and remembering to laugh are SO important!  We must focus on the positive and what we do have.  Let’s make the most of the good things that we CAN do in the current circumstances which may not be possible when the situation changes.

We need to trust God despite the pain, disappointment or frustration.  We need to have hope that even if God is teaching us something through this, His will isn’t to keep us trapped here.  There WILL be something better to come!

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