My name is Jo Saxton.

I’m  a director of 3DM , a movement/organization  helping church leaders make discipleship and mission the heartbeat of the local church.  My job involves speaking, faciliating groups, training and coaching. I get to meet great leaders from around the country who are passionate about the gospel, and about changing the world. Before moving to the US, I  used to be a  youth pastor and college pastor at a church called St. Thomas’ in Sheffield (where the story of 3DM began). It was an amazing time and is a great church. I’m also  leader within The Order of Mission (TOM) , a global community of missional leaders. I also write, devotional material, articles. My first book is called Real God, Real Life

I’m passionate about lots of things, but most of all that people from every walk of life encounter the transforming power of God’s love. His love has the power to change people’s hearts and  the lives. Yes for eternity; but also in the reality of the here and now. I can think of nothing more incredible than the chance to get involved with His plan for this wonderful earth.  Healed hearts, restored relationships,  a transformed society? Count me in!

And for the rest of my ordinary life? I’m a Nigerian Londoner living in Southern California, married to a fabulous man called Chris who is a pastor. We’ve got two gorgeous, fabulous hilarious young girls who keep us entertained, amazed, and a little bit tired.  I love running, sushi, music , books, TV,  Caramel Macchiatos, and laughing with  my friends. I hope you’ll soon be one of them.

Welcome to the blog!  I’m looking forward to getting to know you,


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  • Kim Stewart says:

    Greetings Jo, from South Korea! We haven’t met but many of my dear friends, call you friend. My family, though we now live in South Korea, are from Kansas City and have been part of the Gathering Community. I’ve been encouraged and stirred by the role you and the 3-DM community have played in the journey of the Gathering these past 2 years. We keep close contact with Glen, Jon, Amy, Blakely and Jordanne–in most conversations one of them mentions, Jo Saxton. It’s beautiful.

    Excited to read your blog. I’m sure if we ever have an opportunity to meet, we will enjoy fellowship and the amazing goodness of our Savior together.

    Joy & Grace to you,
    Kim Stewart

  • Hi Jo,

    I am listening to you at Exponential and am loving your perspective on discipleship and mission. Thank you for sharing your heart and experience. I am looking forward to reading your book as I am on this journey in our church in Australia.


  • Patsy Watson says:

    I just returned from eagle Eyrie and just had to tell yo how much you and Sally impacted my life. I will be participating in a Huddle group after the holidays and was so pleased to learn more about them. Your worship service on Friday night was powerful. You are so down to earth and cut right ot the heart of any matter. It was just what I needed to place me in a wonderful place. I can’t wait to follow your postings and continue to receive sustenance from your faith journey as I also continue my walk with the Lord.

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