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Life in the Burbs Part I

This is the probably the first of many reflections about getting used to living a brave new world called suburbia.

Anyways the other night at about midnight, I heard someone walking around outside the back of our house (pictured),on the other side of the wall, panicking and shouting.

Then a helicopter swooped down and shone its bright beam light thing in our window. The guy behind our wall, presumably on a cell phone started freaking out saying “Its a police helicopter and they’re coming to get me!” (expletives deleted)The guy ran on and the helicopter followed.

Soon it was pitch black outside and quiet, with the exception of a few VERY slow police cars. I went back to bed with a smile on my face. The events of the night reminded me of similar experiences growing up in inner city South London, and more recently in Upperthorpe, Sheffield. Kind of gives you a warm and fuzzy, you know?

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