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Seeing things clearly

Tia is nearly four months old now. I remember being in the hospital when she was two days old. It was the middle of the night, and I was exhausted. I was attached to an IV and feeling totally out of it. Then she started crying. For awhile I just listened! I was too tired to move, in too much pain, and the IV was like a ball and chain. Maybe she would sleep soon, maybe she could wait for me a little longer. She didn’t and she couldn’t.
That moment was when I realised that things would never be the same again. It really wasn’t about me, my life, my views, my feelings – no matter how valid I thought my opinions were. I realised that Tia was going to teach me what a selfless, sacrificial life looked really looked like. It was the closest I’d felt to Jesus in ages.

And she continues to teach me. I am not the most patient person at times, or the most compassionate. Often I like to think I’m a work in progress. So its funny how some things have changed quickly, simply because they had to, simply because it wasn’t about me. And its funny that sometimes, it wasn’t so hard to change after all.

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