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What not to wear…

I thought this problem was limited to the UK, but now I’m wondering if its a global issue. Back in the day when I was 18, 19 or even 20 something, buying clothes was just a matter of choosing what style you were into, finding the fit, and having the cash to splurge. But that was then and this is now. Is it me , or is it just impossible to find clothes for that late 20’s – early 30’s phase? Does it have to be a style vacuum?
I’m not asking for anything more than decent, stylish clothes. Clothes that recognize that I am not skinny. Clothes that are not going to make me look like I am either desparately clinging on to the past, or aspiring to be 20 years older. Clothes that acknowledge that after you’ve had a baby things will never, I repeat, never be the same again?

Am I getting old when I say that I don’t want to wear ultra low rise jeans?
And do I care…

The turning point for me was when 80’s fashion made a comeback a couple of years back. People dressed like the Kids From Fame. But can you go back to wearing the pastel pink legwarmers and pink addidas dance trainers that you wore when you were 11? Seriously, its just not ok. That is not retro, its embarrasing.

I am 31, nearly 32. Is there anything wrong with wanting to look it?

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