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Walk the Line

We watched Walk the Line on DVD last week ( I guess most of you watched it months ago, but I don’t get out too often nowadays!). Even though I’ve never been an ardent follower of anything Johnny Cash, I liked the film. I’m also a big fan of Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon which helped too. Its a shame that it came just a year after Ray (phenomenal!), because Joaquin was never going to win an Oscar as a result, and comparisons are kind of inevitable. But it was good seeing a snapshot into what was happening in that era.

One scene in particular stays with me. Johnny Cash is going through some kind of cold turkey experience alone in his home. As per usual, his drug dealer/supplier turns up with his usual stash. But this time the love of Johnny’s life, June Carter and her parents are waiting for him at the door. Armed with shotguns and a “so tell me, are you feeling lucky?” attitude to things. Dealer dude is not feeling lucky, so he runs for his life.

Taking the scene totally out of its context and intent, the scene spoke a lot to me. For me, it was the kind of thing you ‘d do for a friend. It was accountability at its best. Or standing in the gap for someone, protecting their weaknesses and fighting battles they can’t take on themselves. It reminded me that we just need other people, don’t we? We need other people to help us realise all we are made to be, to tell us when we’re being stupid, to keep us on the straight and narrow and remind us of what we are living for.
The scene made me laugh as well cos it was totally full on. None of the subtle advice, letting people make their own mistakes, watching them and staying silent and being there. They took out guns for crying out loud. No time for messing around.

Like I say – I know its just a scene in a film about far more than a few people with shotguns chasing off a dealer. But I liked that moment a lot. I can think of people who have helped me fight battles that I just couldn’t face alone. And its also the kind of person I’d like to be.
But you know that I’m using the gun thing symbolically, right?

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