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Last Holiday

So if you’ve seen the family blog then you’ll know we spent a few days in San Diego for some R and R. Typically we’ve been back a week and its becoming something of a distant memory! So I thought I’d hold on for a little longer…

We (I say we, though Chris fell asleep in at the start of the second one!) watched two great films over the week.
The first was Good Night and Good Luck ( I think I’ll have watched all the Oscar nominated movies by the time the next Oscars are out!) looking at Ed Murrow’s very public challenges to Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950’s. Its also got this speech by Morrow to the Radio and Television News Directors Association. He sounds like a prophetic voice making people uncomfortable; a bit of a John the Baptist type. They all know the guy’s got a point, and a compelled to listen to him, but they don’t want to hang out with him too often. He challenges the audience to use the media for all its potential to educate and inform the public, rather than just squander it on mere entertainment.

By the end of the film it was clear that Murrow may have won his battle with McCarthy, but the battle for the role of the media was one that perhaps he was destined to lose. His description of the nightmare that TV could become sounded strangely familiar….

On to a MUCH lighter note I watched Last Holiday. No Oscar nominations, just a whole heap of fun, showing the story of a woman who has always played it safe who is wrongly diagnosed with 4 weeks to live. She decides that its finally time to take hold of life’s opportunities before its too late. It’s fun, totally unrealistic and strangely inspirtational!
But the best bit for me were the leads in the cast, Queen Latifah and LL Cool J.
Now it could just be me but did anyone anticipate Mr “Mama Said Knock You Out”, Cool J would be a lead in a rom com? Was I Need Love the hint…
Queen Latifah is more of a phenom over here though. She acts, had a talk show, models for Cover Girl and has done so much since the All Hail The Queen days that she is the first hop hop star to earn a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Its a nice to see some of the old skool hip hop artists in a new era in a new light. Much more appealing than Flavor Flav in The Surreal Life and Strange Love and the rest.
Ed Murrow had a point…

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