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Friends Like These

Our other blog tells the details about our few hours in Sheffield with some of “the sisterhood”.

Those ten days in the UK were a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with some of the people I’ve shared the last decade or so with. Bonds that were forged by sharing a house and late night chats about why that guy wasn’t right for you. Work colleagues who I dreamed dreams about changing the world with and finding the guy that was right for you. Neighbours, uni mates, fellow St. Tom’s types all aiming for the same sort of direction, asking the same sorts of questions.

So when you decide to cross a big pond called the Atlantic, you do wonder whether the bonds are strong enough to sustain the friendships. Yet the benefits of blogs, digital cameras, webcam, MSN, emails, and cheap call rates and skype means that friendships can perhaps transcend distance in a way that they couldn’t in times past. Friendships can go global if they want to… the possibilities can be endless.

It appears that even though we’ve all developed new friendships, have moved on in different ways, the bonds still remain. We met for lunch as though it was a common feature of our lives, not a reunion.

It made me think again on the fact that where I belong, whom I belong with is not so tied down to a specific location right now. Whilst we are having a great time with all things Phoenix, my family spans 4 continents, friendships are scattered everywhere, and I am a member of a dispersed missionary community.

Whilst I imagine that cyberspace is sometimes a limited substitute for a shoulder to cry on, a person to laugh with, human warmth, I think sometimes it has become the glue for many of our relationships, welding together what time and distance would normally prize apart.

(Obviously this is not so cool when you’ve got a stalker or a nightmare friend you are trying to get rid of, but you get what I am talking about.)

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