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Baby Books

I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember, and since graduating from the Paddington Bear series when I was 7 (which, incidentally, totally rocked) have sought to learn everything about life from what I read. I’m not saying it was the best way, just a way…

Anyway in this season of life, my book addiction has taken the shape of baby books. Books about babies. How to have a Contented Baby , or The Happiest Baby on the Block with healthy sleep habits.
I took the advice from my Girlfriend’s Guide, listened to my favourite Supernanny, and learned how to be a Baby Whisperer – a personal favourite.
Well clearly, its possible to have too much of a good thing. Just like those days when I looked at the South Lambeth Library bookshelf at the row of Paddington Bear, overwhelmed by the thought of which adventure I should go on next with my trusty bear and his marmalade, so I looked at these baby books, often with contradictory advice and got confused.
Just like Paddington, I knew not to take it all so seriously, but nonetheless, I just could not, (cannot?) walk away.

Am I reading too many books at once? Of course I am. I am not stupid, I am addicted.
Or I just have a problem with commitment.

And then I had Zoe. Gorgeous beautiful wonderful Zoe.

Thing is with these books, they kind of go into fuzzy land on how the routines, schedules, sleeping habits, womb eviction due to the evolutionary process of having bigger heads than our less evolved forebears (don’t ask – but that was in one of the books, I lie to you not) – how these things apply and work when you have more than one child, less time, energy, and a toddler who hasn’t read the books yet and so doesn’t quite comply.

So maybe there should be a book called Whatever Gets You Through The Day, with a follow up called Whatever Gets You Through The Night.
Or maybe one just called whatever.

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