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Sisters and Slumber Parties

I’ve just returned from CCOJ’s women’s retreat and we had a fabulous time! There was something incredibly powerful in gathering together with a bunch of women seeking to work out how to love God and do life. There was a whole lot of raw honesty, of tear drenched prayers; of grief and support, of smiles and hope. And there was a lot of laughter and new friendships. Our cabin was a blast. Get a group of young moms togther for a weekend of child-free time and a weekend with just us girls – and we will talk, laugh and squeal all night, I promise you!

And the stuff God did was just awesome. Yes, I know to the anglos reading this, “awesome” sounds incredibly American – but its the best word to use! It was awesome to see God heal and restore, to breathe new life into the broken, to give hope to the downcast.
The jacuzzi was pretty awesome too. That said, it was minus the bubbles so was more reminiscent of a very large hot bath, but we loved it anyway!!!

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