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Convenient Lies

First there was the weight gain “discovery”.I had a routine blood test the other day and the results revealed that my bad cholesterol is high. Not so high that there is the need for panic. But high enough for my ears to tune inwhenever foods or medical commercials promise to lower your cholesterol levels.
It’s kind of annoying, and humbling. Though I am not sure why. I’ve been passive with my health and my habits and I’ve been fine. Now I realise I will have to be more proactive.

“You have to check out the foods you eat” said my personal trainer/neighbor/go for a coffee woman/ friend Josee. “Are you eating lots of food that is high in fat?”
I didn’t want to answer. The woman has already been attackng my carbs. If the fatty stuff was to go to – what kind of culinary life was left?
“Erm, I don’t know”. A lie.
I’ve noticed that I find it very easy to lie when it comes to my diet, or general health. Even to doctors, or health professionals who have test results – THE TRUTH – sitting in front of both of us. Even though they know, and I know they know. I’m in the doctor’s office for crying out loud. Lovely though they are, I’m not their just to hang out.Nonetheless, somehow utter foolishness comes out of my mouth.
Are you eating a lot ? “No?”
(only when I am tired, bored, hungry, peckish, got the munchies, fancy a snack, or when its meal time)
Are you taking your calcium tablets/multivitamins?
Sometimes. (That’ll be never)
Do you have a lot of fatty foods?
“I don’t think so”
(Nothing I want you to take away from me)
But Josee is a pro, and has heard every excuse in the book. She listed a few things that might be in my diet and suggested I cut them down. Gutted. I was caught out.
“And how is the portion size going?”

Apparently size IS everything. If I cut down the amount I eat, I lose the preggy weight. Sounds simple.But not easy. I select a smaller plate and resist the temptation to pile it up to high heaven (with very healthy food, obviously)But I’ve had to admit that it the extra pounds won’t leave me by asking nicely. Its time for altogether more radical action.

Honesty!Seems like this getting back into shape is sorting me out inside and out.

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