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Who’s the Mommy?


Yes someone is talking but I am choosing not to respond. Tia has taken to calling me Jo.
Where is the love, people? Mummy only entered Tia’s vocabulary from when she was about 17 months, way after Daddy, No, Yes, Doggie, Miaow, and possibly Monkey. And already, we’ve moved on to Jo???
Why don’t you just rip out my heart and put it on the barbecue. I think the pain would be less….

Melodrama and hyperbole aside, it really jars with me. Obviously, Tia is picking up what we say around the house, and trying out new words . But only two people in the world get to call me Mom, Mummy, Mother, etc and I’d like it to happen

It also triggered something of a moment shall we say in me in the whole mothering thing. That I am not Jo, the friend, the one they hang out with, their peer. I am their mom. They’ve got plenty of friends out there. But me, I have a unique role. And yes they have PHENOMENAL god parents, and a global extended family. But there’s only one MOM. And that is me.
So it got me all fired up, thinking of this privilege, this high calling and incredible responsibility, to nurture these beautiful girls. And it got me all focused and passionate. And bless my children, since they were the only ones around to listen, they have been subjected to all kinds of monologues, and speeches these past few days.

I am becoming that woman who says – BECAUSE I SAID SO. And I love it, because its my job to say so.
My particular phrase is “I’m the Mom”

So Zoe, doesn’t want to sleep. She’s wriggling and kicking and wrestling. And I grab her in my arms and say
“Now Zoe, I love you. I fought for you, I longed for you and wept for you. And now I have you, and God gave you to me, and he wants me to raise you, and that is what I am going to do. Right now my job is to teach you how to sleep. And I know you don’t want me to do that, but I’m the Mom here, and right now teaching you to sleep is my calling. It’s the best thing I can do for you today to equip you for life”

Zoe blinked a few times at me, with those stunning eyes. Then she whined and cried. Poor kid. She knew that once her mother said she was on a mandate from God, she didn’t stand a chance.

Tia is having a tantrum about something. Kicking, screaming, proclaiming the fire and terror of the twos. And she doesn’t want to sleep.

“Now Tia. I love you and I love your fire and your passion and all your boundless energy. Its how God made you and its amazing. But that does not mean you can always have your own way. I’m the mom here (there it is again) and its my job to raise you right, even if that means you get angry at me. ”

Tia just looks at me. She’s a fast thinker and weighing up the situation realises that Mom is on a mission and will not be beaten. But wondering if Mom can be distracted, she smiles and says

So the girls had to put up with speeches for about 48 hours, then I decided to give them a break. I was hoping that I was speaking to their spirits, instilling some profound bond that will lay foundations in their lives. But I knew I was speaking to my own spirit, reminding me of the value, and significance in my ultimate life’s work, and encouraging me to own it and enjoy it daily.

I’m the Mom.

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