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I have got to move on

I have got to move on, ‘cos I sure cannot stay here… The Young Disciples

Writing that last post got me thinking a little more about the art of letting go. Admitting something is dead, a relationshop, a phase of life, whatever…
Since having kids I’ve become more aware of the need to travel light – emotionally, spiritually even, so I am free to do family life looking to the future rather than revisiting/reacting to the past. But I’ve also seen how hard it can be, how easily experiences and expectations can linger…

You have kids but want to act and look like you are young free and single – even though you dont have the time, money or energy. Your church and community life is nothing like it used to be. You could compare and criticise or feel disillsioned – maybe thats inevitable for awhile. For awhile.

But is it such a bad thing to say goodbye to the good times and forge a new path into the future? How will we discover life’s treasures ahead, if we are constantly referencing the past?

So it got me thinking if there are healthy rites of passage, landmarks, events, ways we can acknowledge that a season has changed, that something is gone, then its worth exploring.

How you say goodbye to the times that have shaped and defined you ? Not just the bad times which you’re glad to say goodbye to, but the good and the great times?

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