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Those who can, cheat.

So after giving it some at the gym, I figured it’s time to take things to the next level health and fitness wise. What kind of January would it be if I didn’t resolve to get fitter, eat healthier, tone up, shape up etc.? What kind of person would I be if I didn’t resolve to make this year the year when I really accomplished the above -just like I passionately resolved last year, and the year before, and…

But alongside all the magazines and shows promising perfect healthy recipes and work outs that whip those abs into shape….are all the corner cutting alternatives that promise so much more, and so much more quickly.

There are the obvious things like cosmetic augmentation for cosmetic reasons. New parts! Back in the day it seemed plastic surgery was very Michael Jackson and rather taboo. But now I see advertisements everywhere, practices springing up all over the place. Funny how the world changes.
We all know hard work, exercise and disciplined food choices are the way to a healthy lifestlye. But if I’d had a caeserean and my ob/gyn offered to deal with the excess baggage, I would relinquish my principles (and my fat) in a nano second.

I go to Robecks, my super smoothie place. And they offer supplements for your smoothie, like extra vitamin C etc. Funny how I always choose the one that offers to speed up your metabolism.

I don’t know if this is just a girl thing – but there is also the body affirming underwear a la Bridget Jones. They add just that little extra for the safe enclosure of the beer belly, and smooth down the muffin top (awful phrase and yet sooooo irresistible). But others add booty and allsorts – who needs surgery – get yourself down to your local department store (Do guys have like undies that create 6 packs?)!
And now Walmart is stocking this wonder pill Alli – that accelerates weight loss. That’s not all it accelerates though if you aren’t careful mind you. If you break the rules you may suffer explosive results!

Obviously the deep and profound truth is that all of the above is pretty shallow. We are so much more than our clothing size, and at some point we need to be happy with who we are. When I was younger I thought that age would teach me this. Yet as I enter my mid thirties, I simply discover that there are more expensive ways to handle the insecurity. I didn’t think there was an obsession with youth until I realised I was not considered young anymore !

Post babyness, there is something patently ridiculous about wanting to go back to the way we were. And yet its crazy to think that something so life altering as babyness wouldn’t throw you so much that you reach into the past occasionally to recall who you are. I guess its inevitable that our insecurities are enlarged and exploited by those who fill our stores with expensive products and empty promises, who still tell us after all this time how to look, what to want, who to be.

Much of the time , those of us who have chosen something more lasting than looks as life’s anchor can laugh and walk away. Much of the time. Even then, on a bad bloated day, the odd comment can get under our skin and gnaw away at us.

But we’re busy people and we just don’t have the time for this nowadays, what with jobs, relationships, kids, life to consider.
So those who can, cheat.

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