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I’m not a great fan of surprises, nor a huge fan of wiry grey hair. So imagine my deep joy when my beloved hairdresser Shirley told  me I had at least  4 new silver offerings since my last visit. It had only been TWO WEEKS.

Perhaps I shouldn’t care, but I did.  I was about to turn 35 , and it was  taking a little adjustment.  I  guess an age thing was happening.

I’m happy with my life. I have a great hubby, two adorable kids, many unexpected blessings. It’s not like I want to be twenty five again. Or even feel it.  If memory serves me right it was not my happiest year anyhow (27 , 28, 29 ROCKED the clock). I don’t want my twenty five year old body; my thirty year old running fiend shape was my all time fave! I am not haunted by regrets of choices I didn’t make, things I didn’t achieve…Professionally I am happy and motivated. But thirty five is…older and somehow significantly nearer to forty than it was even a year ago. And thirty five is simply NOW.

I’m not a twenty something woman dreaming of what life could be when I have married, have kids, work out what I want to do with my life.  I’ve enjoyed living in the future, the realm of ideals and possibilities. They gave me hope and inspiration. But maturity calls me to also live in the now, initiating life and embracing today.

I’ve made my choices and here I am: sometimes it’s wonderful, sometimes it’s crazy. Sometimes it’s nothing to speak of. Today is not always as exciting; life certainly doesn’t all go my way like it does in my dreams. Today has boredom and brilliance, struggles and successes, inspiration and insecurity, hurt and healing.  But it’s a day I’ve been given and when I pay it some attention, I see how wonderful and how important it is to live it.  Besides it determines my future anyway.

So perhaps embracing it is the answer, to discover the unknown in the life I know. Today I’m a bit more honest, more realistic, hopefully wiser than yesterday. (If the hair is any indicator – my wisdom is multiplying by the nanosecond. At some stage I may throw the current economic crisis to the wind and get my hair dyed. Keep my wisdom under wraps).

So , whatever your age, stage and hair color,  raise a glass to TODAY. They’ll never be another day like it.

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