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Called to the God Adventure.

The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.”

Gen 12:1

One question has dominated my thinking this summer:  Am I living for safety or adventure?

It began by watching a DVD of a man called Edwin Friedman (1932 – 1996), a rabbi, therapist leadership consultant. Friedman noted that society had become over focused on safety, and in doing so every institution had become stuck. Unable to think its way out of a rut, what society needed to move forward was adventure…

Friedman’s thoughts ignited something in me as I thought about walking with God today. Have we played it safe and avoided adventure? Have we got focused on what the church provides for our families, the quality of the gatherings, or our own personal healing?  On one level there is nothing wrong with wanting safety; after all God is our refuge. There is nothing wrong with seeking God for our own personal wholeness, he is our Healer. But I can’t help but feel that God has more in mind for us. There’s got to be more to knowing God than a good looking church, with great products. There’s got to be more to our journey with God than a safe expression of Christianity, for me, my friends and our kids. What is our true mission? I believe that from that place of refuge we are called out to the God adventure…

Our lives are full of other things, many of them God given. Could God be so inconvenient that he would break into our world and call us out from our comfort zones? The God adventure will look different for each of us. It might be the call to sponsor a child, to mentor someone. To give sacrificially, to talk to your neighbor about Jesus. It might be a call to lead, to open our home, to go for that promotion, change that career path.   Most of all, I think it’s an attitude where we stay open to whatever God has in store.

This summer, I’ve wondered what it would look like to put myself, my family, my desires in God’s hands again, and listen to his call. I’m realizing that walking with God on His adventure is the safest place to be.

Are we ready for a God adventure?

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