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Thinking about Redemption.

So after thinking about Transformation, now I can’t stop thinking about redemption. Transformation is incredible enough, but understanding redemption expands its significance. The Biblical understanding of redemption was steeped  in the culture of the day. To redeem was to buy back something or  someone that had been lost through poverty, helplessness and violence. It meant freedom from slavery or captivity, release from a bond. It also meant a substitution, someone else carrying the consequences, the price paid for another life.

We know that Jesus was the substitute, that he paid the price. We have some idea what we were rescued from. But if when the Son, sets you free you are truly free (John 8:36), what does freedom look like in everyday ordinary life?

Redemption – to buy back what was lost, through helplessness, poverty, violence, poor choices...Think about  what you’ve lost . A stolen innocence, a shattered heart, a broken home. What would that mean for your life if  His blood meant that you could be restored? Would it change the thoughts than run through your mind as you stand in front of the mirror? How would it change your relationships?Would your friendships, marriages, singleness, parenting be different? If only …

Redemption – sets people free from slavery, bondage and captivity. Think about what enslaves you, binds you, hold you captive.  Are there habits and hurts that own you?Conditions and circumstances that confuse and control ? What could it mean if in real tangible ways you were free? It could mean that anger no longer compelled you to react in a certain way. It could mean that  your appetites no longer defined your days… or guilt-ied your nights.  It would mean that  you had the space in your mind and the secuirty in your heart to say no, the freedom to walk away and keep on walking.

Redemption – free to live a new life…

And what if His mercies were new every morning? (Lamentations 3:23) Would it mean  that by His  grace, strength and power, you discover and learn the  tools and habits  that build a different kind of life. You wouldn’t just be leaving the old behind, you’d be living into the new, until it wasn’t new anymore. It would just be your life now. Not necessarily easy, certainly not temptation and trial free. But Mercy full. His Mercies – full.

What does redemption look like in your life? Think about it.

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