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Hello 2012!

2011 has been washed away in time. Now its time to say hello!

I thought of all the hellos that have shaped my life. At 18, on the first day at my summer job I shook hands with a girl who loved Prince as much as I did. I didn’t realise that God had given me another sister. At 20, I introduced myself to a couple in a chip shop. She was wearing this jacket that I’d heard him talk about at church. I had no idea that these people would become family, that our friendship would take us around the world.

I sat next to a guy on a plane. He was a part of our church community, but we weren’t friends. We were part of a mission team for a week, so I thought I’d make an effort and say hello. I had no idea how close we’d become, our hearts and lives entwined. I say hello to him every morning. And our babies, our beautiful babies. What a privilege to say hello to each one as they entered the world.  The sweat, the tiredness, and frankly the pain, swallowed up in wonder and gratitude as I greeted the baby in my arms.

There have been many hellos that have shaped my life.

So how will I say hello to 2012? Not every hello opened a door of opportunity. Some opened up  conflict and heartbreak. Others were ignored and rejected. And sometimes the goodbye came way too soon.  So at times my hellos have been suspicious, cynical, distant, subdued, non committal. I’ve called it wisdom  or waiting of course. Its been a rare moment of vulnerability that I’ve had the courage to call it fear or disappointment.

Today at the dawn of a New Year, I’d like my hello to be as open as it used to be. As I used to be. I’m greeting the year with a broad smile and a firm handshake (we don’t do limp). I’m not waiting in the shadows, I’m taking initiative and greeting the year with boldness and light and excitement in my eyes. I’ll let my voice be loud even if my heart shows through. I’ll step into uncertainty if needed, because why not? Ordinary life produces the unexpected, I’m going to engage with it. I will cradle this year with wonder and gratitude, knowing that sometimes even the best things in life  are birthed in sweat and tiredness and pain. I’m saying hello to 2012 with my voice, expressing my choice.

I have no idea how this year will go. I know that hello is just the beginning – it shapes my perspective but doesn’t predict or protect. I’ve learned to entrust those responsibilities into the strong Hand of Another. He rises with healing in his wings, He restores the years that the locusts have eaten. He is the Savior, Covenant partner, King. He hold my hand and leads me forward.


Hello 2012, I’m pleased to meet you.


How will you say hello to 2012?


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