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transitive verb (ˌ)rē-ˈpər-pəs

: to change (something) so that it can be used for a different purpose

: to give a new purpose or use to

(Miriam –Webster Online)


I’ve been looking at the pieces in our house. Very few items are new. You know how some houses are Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel? Ours is Craigslist with subtle touches of eBay and garage sales, and a hint of a trip to a few junk/vintage stores in the Spring. And it’s perfect and fabulous and miraculously integrated.

I love that so much of our furniture has tells a story. The sofas from a warm young family who moved to East Coast in pursuit of new opportunities. Then there’s the large round dining room table that the actor decided to sell for a fraction of the price because it was ‘time to grow up, settle down and get a proper table’. The window frames high on a shelf, from an old house from a small town called Chaska, in Minnesota.

They tell new stories now.The ottoman is where two brown eyed girls sit to get their braids and cornrows. The sofas are still for snuggling for movie nights and long chats only now they hear our hopes and dreams. They are where watch our favorite shows; who knew we’d collectively love Shark Tank (UK: Dragon’s Den)?. Its also where the dog looks out on his world, obsessing over squirrels. Our big round table table settled down. It’s where we have our family meals and share our highs and lows, it’s the central food table when we host potlucks. Its where my huddle met and shared their lives and grew into dynamic leaders. Where a vision for a new missional community took shape over  an impromptu Sunday lunch. The windows rest on the huge shelf overlooking new stories taking shape.

Now probably because it’s New Year and I can’t help but feel its significance my furniture has triggered my thinking of how God repurposes our lives. His story enters our story and renews it, revives it, redeems it. I think about what my life used to say, what my story used to tell, and how he has changed it. My strengths and my gifts and talents function differently in His hands. My weakness and the fault lines of my personality are held and healed in His hands. He has given me, continues to give me, a new story.

My story, like yours is still unfolding. Let’s just say there’s some furniture that still needs work, stuck in an old story. But when I look around my home, reflecting on stories old and new, I’m compelled to choose to reengage with the work He wants to do. He wants to repurpose my life, and the new year is an opportunity to restore and rearrange the furniture.


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases

His mercies never come to an end…

They are new every morning, new every morning

Great is thy faithfulness O Lord,

Great is thy faithfulness.

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