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Come and STAND with us!

FB LogoOver the next month I’m going to share some thoughts on calling and leadership development as I’ve reflected on different seasons of my life. Blame me turning 40; not that its made me all sage or anything! Perhaps just a growing sense as the kids grow and life changes that leadership is even more about investing in and developing other people, not about what I personally achieve. But before that little series begins…  a slightly related  announcement!


In the past couple of weeks you might have read or seen something about  3dmSTAND, the 3dm’s Women’s Equipping Weekend. Our next 3dmSTAND event is happening in Minneapolis at the end of March. A few things have changed so we wanted to give some updated info to anyone who interested.

We also thought it would be a little opportunity to tell you a bit about 3dmSTAND in general. Next week Sally’s posting a blog that will tell you how she got the vision for 3dmSTAND, and how its been growing in her heart over the years, and a sense of what’s to come. So keep a look out for Sally’s writings (on 3dmSTAND and everything else!) over the coming month. But because this Minneapolis event is at the end of March, Sally wanted me to get this out there now.                   

So what is 3dmSTAND?

Its not a retreat:

There are PLENTY of fantastic women’s events and gatherings  out there, plenty of awesome retreats for you and the women of your church community.  They are wonderful  I love them all in all their incredible diversity. I love them because women are quite frankly awesome  and there is something about a sisterhood that can enrich your life,whatever your story. Those times when you retreat as a community and deepen your relationships with God and one another, where you rest in the sisterhood God’s given you are vital for our faith.  Please keep doing those, participating in those, sharing your heart in those.  They can be life changing. We just want to be clear as you consider whether 3dmSTAND is a good fit for you.  It isn’t a retreat, but we’re not trying to replace the retreat experience.

It is an equipping weekend :

What 3dm have always been about is equipping Christian as they put discipleship and mission back at the center of all they do. 3dmSTAND is an equipping weekend, designed to encourage us and empower us in practical ways for missional living in the everyday. So yes there’s worship and word, but there’s training and tools too. This year’s stand in Minneapolis is focused on the how of discipleship, responding to our call to make disciples (Matthew 28).  The training  will use the same  tools and vehicles that share with leaders and churches across the 3dm movement.  Why those tools and vehicles?  Well, because most of the women who’ve joined us at STAND are part of these churches. They come to invest in their calling and develop skills so they can practically  engage with the exciting things  happening in their church and community. However, for some women STAND is their first exposure to 3dm. And if that’s you, you’re  welcome too. Because who doesn’t want to make new friends?

Its for women.

Sounds obvious I know, but 3dmSTAND is for women, and its for women. Every woman. If you’re a single woman in her 20’s 3dmSTAND is for you. If you’re a grandma loving on her grandbabies, 3dmSTAND is for you. 3dmSTAND is for the stay at home mom and the CEO, for the pastor preacher and for the barrista . 3dmSTAND is for every single one of you! We know that we have distinct lives and our contexts differ greatly. We’re aware that we come from a range of experiences and theological perspectives, again perhaps a reflection of the churches who have engaged with 3dm over the years. What we share is a call to play our part in the great commission and make disciples.That will be the  focus  of our time together.

Its shorter than before:

Our first few 3dmSTAND gatherings were a full weekend,  Friday night – Sunday afternoon.  But lots of women had to leave on a Saturday night simply because on Sunday they’re either active in their churches, or need to get home in good time to get set up for the week ahead. So in response to that need 3dmSTAND is shorter, starting at Friday at 6pm, and finishing on Saturday night . It’s also meant that we’ve been able to reduce the price and we hope this serves those of you who want to join us.


So that’s where we’re up to for now! We’re learning as we go,… slowly STANDing to our feet, like a toddler taking its first wobbly yet determined steps!  We’ll learn a lot along the way and we’ll grow and discover all God has in store. But I’m excited. I’m excited because we have a wonderful opportunity to get together, grow and develop skills. If you’re interested in the Minneapolis event, come and stand with us awhile, and get equipped for where he’s sending you. In the meantime look out for Sally’s blog posts in the next few weeks.


You’ll find the specific details about 3dmSTAND in Minneapolis here on the 3dm site. Just go to the Events tab and you’ll find it listed under Upcoming Workshops.






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