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The Places you’ll Go

“Oh the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done!”

Dr Seuss


As a speaker, a preacher – it’s always a privilege to travel and speak in various contexts. Its wonderful to see the many different colors shapes and sizes of God’s people, their life together, the adventures they get up to, their passion, their practices their dreams. Every time I go somewhere and serve, I learn something, I’m challenged and inspired, I’m convicted and humbled. I think it’s meant to be that way for all of us; whether we call ourselves leaders or listeners we’re all life long learners as we follow Christ aren’t we? God is speaking all the time as we seek Him and as we seek to engage with the world he’s placed us in…

So yes its great to teach an amazing privilege, but its fantastic that I get to learn too.

The past few months have been an intense travel season, spanning states and occasionally continents. So this first series “the places you’ll go” are reflections not only from my recent travels, but some of the life and faith lessons I’ve been learning this year…


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