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So, less about me, lets talk about you!

Huge stormy wave over mouth of river Ave pier, Vila do Conde, north of Portugal

One of the problems with pent up passion, well,  my pent up passion anyway, is that it sometimes comes out like a deluge! In blog format it undoubtedly produces too many words, thoughts and ideas each time – and things get lost.

This week’s post is an attempt to slow it down a bit and recap something I shared at the very end of last week’s essay (!) about investing in the next generation of leaders. I’m passionate about investing, empowering and equipping people to discover and step into all that they were designed to be.

As I travel and meet with wonderful people from around the world, I’m getting a growing vision for this website and blog. I can’t meet everyone in person. I can’t and won’t and frankly shouldn’t be at every conference. But if it will help, I do want to share what I’ve learned over the years, lessons that I’m still learning. About leadership, about preaching, about life and faith, about missional living, about the practical how of following your calling in the mundane and the marvels of everyday life.

I’ll need your help on that… What would you like me to write about?

What questions do you have about speaking and teaching?

About leadership?

Perhaps you feel isolated– Is there a way to help and encourage you on this blog?

You might be an emerging leader – young and starting out.Or perhaps you’re emerging in the sense that you are new to leadership and trying it on for the first time. You could be 15 you could be 85.

Or maybe you’re uber experienced and want to process ideas on how to identify, equip and empower emerging leaders.

Please add your questions below, or contact me via my site – and in the coming months I’ll do my best to explore what we can incorporate into the blog schedule or into other ideas I’ve got cooking up right now…Looking forward to learning and growing together in the times to come!


love Jo x

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