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A Life Inspired

COCO - Northeast Mpls, the venue where we filmed some content for women on discovering their identity and purpose.

COCO – Northeast Mpls, the venue where we filmed some content for women on discovering their identity and purpose a few months ago.

What inspires you?

Inspiration is seed bed of our creativity. Its the fuel for dreams and  adventures. Somehow inspiration elevates our conversations to live in the realm of the impossible. Its the motivator and the coach for tough decisions that will require discipline and hard work to follow through.  Inspiration ignites us and brings us back to life.

I think our culture needs more men and women, living a life inspired. We need people who will see the world’s problems and see new possibilities. We need people who dream for more than that see in front of them. They have creative responses and innovations, in sciences, in art, in technology, in the media – the list goes on. We need people motivated to make the tough decisions and do the hard work of building and renewing communities. We need people willing to make the inevitable sacrifices that accompany a life inspired


I’ve realized I need to make time  and room for inspiration to grow in my life. When I’m too busy, pressure  and stress often squeezes it out. I’m too focused on surviving the day to look up at the stars and get some perspective. I need to be mindful of the certain emotions like guilt and fear, of certain mindsets like insecurity and inadequacy  – they’re all toxic to inspiration.

Its different when I create space for some life giving activities . When I make room for extended time to worship and prayer, when I sit down an read the Bible without an agenda and I lose myself inside its pages.

a workout, a walk, time with friends and family. Or when I give my self some room to dream and imagine for awhile. Its different when I choose to ignore the voices that tell me I’m inadequate or unworthy, when I refuse to accept all the reasons why my ideas won’t work.  Then there’s room for inspiration – and maybe even a little courage.

The world needs your contribution, the dreams and visions, the strategies and skills that are uniquely part of your wiring and your talents. We need your imagination and your innovations.

How can you make room in your heart and mind and plans for inspiration?





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