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Always Learning

Back to school: Check.

Aunty Life visit : Check

Now taking a moment to get my head around  info for my kid’s high school. It’s such a different system from the UK.

I’ve lived here for 15 years yet I’m constantly learning about the US, its history, its systems, its way. The only US high school memories I have are John Hughes movies (Breakfast Club FOREVER); turns out that movies aren’t real life.  

I think it’s this part, the constant learning , the everyday newness that is one of the unexpected part of immigrant life. My memories only go so far; you’re always forging something new.

On good days it feels like a journey of discovery; on the tiring/ dull/ hard days I feel overwhelmed, and a bit incompetent, worrying that essential info is slipping through my fingers, frustrated that I don’t know all the things by now. It’s been 15 years, after all.

But we never stop learning do we? Life presents unchartered territory to us all whether we want it or not. It’s pretty brutal to expect yourself to know how to do everything, be everything, understand everything; it’s also utterly unrealistic. So I’m embracing the learning all over again, making time and space in my expectations. I’m placing a higher value on discovery and the way learning builds my capacity, rather than allow myself to feel inadequate. It’s humbling sometimes, and I sometimes feel wistful for the familiar world I left behind. But showing up with vulnerability and weakness is not failure; I’m still showing up after all.

And on a practical level, I’m surrounding myself with people who do know and have time for all my rather basic questions. It takes a village, this life.

Where in your life are you discovering you have to learn all over again? Where you can’t have it all together even though you would love to?

Friends, reject the self condemnation for not having it all together and embrace the curiosity. Then see who is out there in your community to help you along the way. 

Back to school – I’m very pleased to say that we’ve got the Homecoming dress sorted out. 

That said, I still don’t know what Homecoming actually is… 

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