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Hi, my name’s Jo, welcome to my website!

I’m a Nigerian Londoner, a Brit living in the Minneapolis area in the USA.

I discovered Jesus when I was a child and for the most part, I’ve walked with him ever since. He’s transformed my life, restored my soul, given me vision and purpose. The life He led is the most inspiring one I’ve ever seen. So I’m spending my life learning to love and live like him.

Family-HandsThis is my immediate family: I’m a wife to a fabulous guy, and the mom to some wonderful children. We love Jesus, we love fun, we seem to love noise and we love each other. We’re passionate, quirky and kinda fierce. We also have a dog, a Cairn terrier. Sometimes he’s the family therapist, other times the bane of my very existence. He didn’t make the picture. I’m a dog liker, NOT a dog lover.

Like every woman I have ever met, I juggle a number of roles and responsibilities:

I chair the board of 3Dmovements, a non profit organization that seeks to change the world by putting discipleship and mission back into the hands of ordinary people. You can find out more about 3DM here.

I’m a pastor and I’m passionate about the church. I’ve served in small churches and big churches, leading departments and ministries, and planted a church. I think when the church is at its best and healthiest its a powerful agent for positive change – the hands and feet of Jesus in our communities and cities.

Jo SaxtonI love speaking and teaching. I’m passionate about seeing people discover how Jesus transforms our lives and gives our lives purpose. I love talking about the kind of discipleship that gets down in the deep stuff of life and turns you around. I love talking about missional living , and our lives as sent ones serving a broken world. I love. Teaching from the bible. As you can probably tell, I could talk about that all day, and sometimes do. You can find out more about my speaking engagements here.

I love leadership, talking about leadership, writing about leadership. I’ve committed my life to training leaders to realize their God-given potential. I’m particularly interesting in investing in younger leaders and by investing in women leaders in the church, community and in the workplace. So I love finding ways to coach and consult in the area of leadership.

I’m the co-host of Lead Stories Podcast with my friend Steph. We talk about leadership and we talk about life, gathering a tribe of leaders who want to be intentional with their influence and use their gifts to serve a hurting world.

I love writing. It was my first way of being honest with myself. It was the first way I learned to communicate what was really happening in my head and heart. I’m still learning. I’ve written some books, and some articles, I’ll share various musings on this site. You can find out more about my writing here.

I’m also on the board of advisors for Today’s Christian Woman. Check it out it.

And the rest of life?

I love Starbucks, the gym, my people, and the everyday stuff, you know like good music and good food, and good books. And Target. I really, really love Target . I spend my days dreaming big dreams, and making big plans. All things considered I have an incredibly blessed life and I’m very thankful.

Looking forward to sharing stories and learning more about yours,
Jo  xoxo

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