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Leadership is one of my great passions and in this chapter of my life I’ve felt a stirring to invest in women leaders. To invite them to come away from it all for a few days; for a chance to breathe, to get some leadership development. After talking it over with family, friends and mentors, it was time to try something and see what emerged.

Last October, I gathered about 65 women. A group small enough to know faces and names, but big enough to feel part of something bigger than yourself. These women were from different generations, different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. But they were all LEADERS. They led in all walks of life: the corporate world, higher education, churches, NGOs and non profits, creatives and entrepreneurs.

We spent two days together. It wasn’t a retreat as much as it was a leadership bootcamp! There were periods of intense training and teaching. Time spent in worship and prayer. Lots of time spent connecting, networking equipping and empowering each too. Lots of laughter and fun. God met us there in it all, and I continue to hear the stories of breakthrough and adventure from the women who came.

Sometimes an experiment is just that. Sometimes it opens up the way to something more. And so the Ezer Collective was born:

Ezer – because it speaks to a woman’s God given identity in a way that is often overlooked

Collective – because it speaks to a community of people. And the Ezer Collective is an environment where women can learn from each other and learn together.

The Ezer Collective‘s purpose is simply this:

To inspire, invest in and ignite women who lead to impact their world.

There’s much more to say, and I’ll continue to update this page.

In the meantime – watch the video of these phenomenal women (sheroes!) who are doing great things. Its amazing to come alongside them. We’ll be doing two Ezer Collective bootcamps this year.

SAVE THE DATE: Β 25 – 27 October 2018 Β or Β 1- 3 November 2018

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